10 surprising things I learnt owning a strip club

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1. More couples visit strip clubs than you'd think. Especially the middle-aged ones during the quieter weekdays.

2. There are also loads of women who visit. Some looking to pick up rich guys, others on a girls' night out. It's a fun and crazy environment to be in.

3. Dancers don't actually make any money from dancing on the pole. Each girl takes a turn dancing on the pole a few times a night – it's essentially a way of advertising themselves. The real money happens when they perform a private dance.

4. Dancers range from single, to in a relationship, to married with kids. Some even chat away about their home lives to customers, including details of their honeymoon. It's weird, but the dynamic between strippers and customers isn't a relationship anyone should try and understand. Some guys are literally looking for friends… who will show them their vagina for a twenty. At the end of the day, the girls are cool with it, the guys leave happy ­– everyone's a winner.

5. People don't really put money in stripper's underwear IRL. Unlike in movies, this literally never happens in the UK. It's mainly an American thing, think about it – they can use dollar bills, us Brits would have to part with at least a fiver each time.

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6. Strippers aren't all called Brandy, Rainbow or Roxanne. In fact, the more 'normal' their name, the more they seem to earn. It's all about getting the customer to connect with you. Girls with names like Lauren or Jess seem way more approachable/less intimidating than Storm in her thigh-high boots.

7. A stripper's dressing room isn't so glam after all. Think less Burlesque and more empty kebab boxes, stray hair extensions and a spray-tan booth.

8. Strippers aren't all big money ballers. But then again, some of them REALLY are – if they put their mind to it (and a group of bankers pop in, as they often do), they can make their entire rent in a night. But on a quiet weekday, it's way tougher to bring home that kinda bacon and it can be a real dog eat dog environment.

9. When Rihanna sang "Sex in the air, I love the smell of it" she wasn't talking about strip clubs. Unless she loves the waft of Red Bull, feet and Febreeze. Mmm, sexy sex.

10. Some girls set up their own 'stripper' Facebook pages. And have a separate work phone to message customers with their shifts. Business is business, gotta make that cake.


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